A Bundle for Your Gal/Pal/Valentine

When I first started dating my now-husband nearly 13 years ago, I was ALL ABOUT giving him gifts - the more sappy, the better (no worries, even I'm rolling my eyes). It was partially his fault, because whenever I'd ask what he'd like for a gift, he was indifferent so I took that and ran with it. Around two years in, we'd moved firmly past the honeymoon stage and when I asked him what he wanted for an upcoming birthday, he promptly responded with "golf stuff."

Over the years, I've learned that "golf stuff" is always going to go over well, especially when whatever I've found is something unique that he doesn't already have in his golf bag. When we're working on new designs for our products, I always think to myself "Is this something that I would see and want to buy for Brian?" Unless the answer is Yes, it doesn't pass the test! Had I ever come across something like our Valentine Bundle, I would have been ALL over it.

Any of our golf ball markers make a perfect gift, but THREE markers plus a personalized towel add that little extra something special to it. Since you can choose whichever three markers you'd like as well as your towel and personalization, you can truly work with us to make this the perfect gift for your Valentine, GALentine, PALentine... whoever you're celebrating on February 14! 

full metal markers valentine bundle

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